The college holds Bo Yi Cup China-Korea Graduation Design Works Exhibition

Posted on July 5,2024 by Dong Quanyue|Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management 

The college held Boyi Cup Graduation Design Exhibition and 2024 Qingdao Urban Landscape Design Forum on 4th July, and Professor Kim Ki-joo from Silla University participated in the activity online.

At the opening ceremony, president Jiang Yupeng said that the Exhibition brought together the elaborate works of teachers and students, covering interior design, advertising design, product design, digital media design and other fields, demonstrating the talent and creativity of students and reflecting the characteristics and highlights of the school's art professional teaching.

Professor Kim Ki-joo congratulated the event, saying that graduation is not the end, but a new departure, and hoping that when students enter the society, they will be able to give full play to the professional skills and aesthetic qualities of designers, enhance artistic capacity and help the development of society. 

The 2024 Qingdao Urban Landscape Design Forum was held at the same time, Lu Han gave a lecture on A Century of Memory, the New Design of Qingdao Riyuan(the complex of resident houses), which provided in-depth analyses and interpretations around the latest concepts, technologies and development trends of urban landscape design.

This Bo Yi Cup China-Korea Graduation Design Works Exhibition is the eighth works exhibition jointly held by the college and Silla University, with a total of more than 200 works collected, covering the teaching works of five specialities with advantages in China and Korea.

At the exhibition site, the person in charge of each major made a live explanation around the initial design intention of the works and the innovative display.

With the joint efforts of the college enterprises and industry associations, the exhibition created a broader platform for students to learn and find employment, and deepened students' sense of identity with the industry through the delivery of talents and the appointment of industrial mentors, building a bridge between the training and delivery of talents.

It is hoped that through this exhibition, the school will continue to promote exchanges and cooperation between the school and Silla University in the field of art and design education, and jointly help the prosperity of the art career of China and Korea.