Love, Strength and Responsibility


If you have love, you will care about others and value others. Only with love can we laugh naturally and confidently, and make our guests feel cordial and polite. When your sincere heart makes the others feel happy and satisfied emotionally, you will have a harmonious interpersonal relationship, make many friends, and achieve success ultimately.


Competition depends on strength, quality, genuine talent and practical learning. Only those who have real strength can remain invincible in the fierce competition in the future. It is not our origin that decides our destiny. Only genuine talent and practical learning are the true amulet.

As students of QVTCHM, only by continuous learning, can we continuously improve our own abilities and make ourselves a compound talents with profound basic knowledge of humanities and  professional disciplines.


With the development of society, more people need the spirit of responsibility. No sophisticated technology or profound knowledge can replace the sense of responsibility. Tolstoy said, If a man does not have enthusiasm, he will accomplish nothing, and the basis of enthusiasm is sense of responsibility.

The college regards responsibility as the core element of school spirit, which requires our students to be responsible for themselves, others and the society.