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Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management is located in Qingdao, a seaside city with “red roofs among green trees and the blue sea meeting the azure sky” known as the most beautiful coastal city and most livable city in China. The college is a full-time regular higher education institution under Shandong Government approved by the Ministry of Education, and it traces its history back to 1945. 

As the first independent specialized college of hotel management, the college is a pilot for high-level vocational schools and majors with distinctive features in China. It has the only hotel management major cluster in China. 

The college is also one of the first group of famous colleges with distinctive features in Shandong, one of the first group of excellent higher vocational colleges in Shandong and one of the first group of pilot schools for IT application designated by the Ministry of Education. It has been rated as a national model for vocational education, a provincial model for culture building, and a provincial model campus. 

The college, following the approach of developing majors based on the hotel industry, focuses on the demands of the hospitality industrial chain, and sets the goal to build a hotel major chain that is first rate in China and influential globally. It connects with the 10 competitive industries for growth driver transformation of Qingdao including culture and creativity and high quality tourism, and integrates into the new “956” industrial system of Qingdao. It has created one major cluster of the national double high-level program, 2 provincial high-level major clusters and 8 major clusters of the college. A major cluster development system has been set up with a special focus on the application of smart technology and digital technology to transform and upgrade the hospitality industry, a pillar of the national economy.

The college has 8 schools and 35 majors. There are 14,000 full-time students on campus.

  • 2 national demonstration majors

  • 3 phased college-under graduation continuation majors

  • 2 provincial high-level major clusters

  •  2 provincial brand major clusters  

  • 6 key majors of Qingdao. 

  • one national modern apprentice pilot program 

  • 7 provincial modern apprentice pilot programs

  •  7 provincial teaching guidance plans

  •  2 national online open courses

  •  37 excellent courses at provincial and above levels

  • 7 provincial shared excellent courses

  •  one national teaching achievement award 

  • 13 provincial teaching achievement awards

The college upholds the mission of building virtue and nourishing talents and follows the philosophy of producing high-caliber talents with excellent skills and sustainable career paths. It also aims to cultivate lifelong learning habit. The college, with the motto of “diligence, sincerity, inspiration, elegance”, stresses a culture of being caring and down-to-earth with a sense of responsibility and builds a campus of smiles. Since 2012, the college has won 21 first prizes in national competitions in the four areas of cooking, Chinese and English tour guide, Chinese-style banquet design and Western-style banquet design.   

The college has made full progress in international education. It hosts a China-Australia international cooperation education program for hotel management, and has established 3 Chinese cooking academies overseas. It is the one of the first Chinese colleges on the China-US high-skilled vocational talent exchange program and one of the first colleges approved to grant scholarships to overseas students. 

 It was selected as a Top 50 Most Globally Influential Higher Vocational College in China in 2017 and 2019, and a Top 50 Most Influential Higher Vocational College in Asia Pacific. It has won the Excellence Award of World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics and been designated as a China-ASEAN higher vocational college cooperation project with distinctive features.

As the only college that shoulders the mission to develop hotel management major cluster of the national double-high program, the college deepens the integration of industry and education to build a community with a shared future for the college and enterprises, and strives to improve the quality of talent training. Three colleges including Shandong Culture and Tourism Industry College, SF Operation Management Academy and Shunhe Catering Industry College have been established through college-corporate partnership. Qingdao Tourism Big Data Center has been set up jointly with Qingdao Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau. The college spearheaded the establishment of Shandong Modern Hospitality Vocational Education Group. The college, with the goal of building a comprehensive hospitality vocational education brand that is first rate in China and well known in the world, is committed to making new and bigger contribution to society by producing more high-caliber hospitality professionals.