Diligence, Sincerity, Smartness and Elegance

Diligence makes you motivated man.

Opportunities always favor those who prepared well enough. To get great achievement, we must do more hard work than others. We advocate hard work and study. Teachers should be dedicated and students should be hard-working. At the same time, we should make  the students learn to stand hardships, master professional skills and develop good habits with strict management.

Sincerity makes you a noble man.

We should be sincere, fair, frank, and kind to others.

Being professional requires sincerity. Our students should have good professional ethics that hotelier must follow in business activities. To be a professional manager, we need to be coordinate and unite others to solve problems at hotels.

Smartness makes you a wise man.

In the modern service industry, employees must be smart and able to read the people’s minds, and they should also be good at communication. Our students should form the habit of doing things after deep thoughts. Flexibility is a kind of ability and insight. When the situation changes, smart people are able to handle flexibly, so that the desired results can be achieved.

Elegance makes you a gentleman.

Be gentle and elegant, and cultivate a healthy body with elegance.

Elegance refers to the temperament naturally shown in speech and behavior due to the enrichment of knowledge and moral accomplishment. For hospitality industry, every staff is their spokesperson who should be thoughtful and modest. Elegance requires our graduates to have affinity, full energy and vigorous spirit, and requires them to become gentlemen and ladies.