The 2024 K-Food Qingdao International Culinary Championship

Posted on July 2,2024 by Dong Quanyue|Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management 

The 2024 K-Food Qingdao International Culinary Championship was held in the school's gymnasium from 28th to 29th June, which was hosted by Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Licang District and Korea Food Culture Institute.

Jiang Yupeng said in his opening speech that the college comprehensively promotes international school running, relying on the two carriers of education and food, to create a high-level international education two-way exchange pattern of quality education resources export and introduction.

In his speech, Mr. Kim expressed his gratitude to the school for its strong support in organising the Championship. He hoped to meet friends through food, exchange with each other, discover and cultivate international practitioners in the catering industry, and jointly contribute to the exchange and dissemination of Chinese and Korean food culture and mutual learning and appreciation.

The Championship was divided into individual exhibition and group exhibition, with more than 130 participants from China and South Korea competing together. With reference to the production standards of the World Skills Competition, the participants used the specified Korean dumplings, rice cakes, ginseng as ingredients or auxiliary materials to complete the production of 2-3 dishes on their own,  which were designed carefully from the perspectives of cultural connotation, colour and shape, taste and texture, cooking skills, nutrition etc. The display dishes were neatly arranged and in different styles, fully demonstrating the participants' exquisite skills.

The college hopes that through the Championship, it will create a platform for the exchange of catering culture between China and South Korea, enhance the friendly cooperation between the relevant Korean industrial organisations and higher education institutions in the field of culture and education, which makes positive contributions to the mutual appreciation of civilisations between China and South Korea.