We celebrate Dragon Boat Festival

Posted on June 7,2024 by Dong Quanyue|Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management 

The colorful activity was carried out with the theme of ‘Our Festival - Dragon Boat Festival’ to inherit the excellent traditional Chinese culture on the occasion of the Duanwu Festival.

Dr Sun Yuanyuan, a teacher of the Department of Basic Teaching, gave a lecture on the Dragon Boat Festival for the students, introducing the cultural knowledge of the Dragon Boat Festival from the origins, legends, customs and significance. Dr Sun guided the students to understand the cultural connotations of the Dragon Boat Festival and the traditional wisdom contained therein, and vigorously promoting and inheriting the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

In addition, teachers and students together to carry out the handmade activities to welcome Dragon Boat Festival. The students put moxa leaves into the scented sachet, the five-coloured rope braided into a colourful rope as the traditional handmade bouquets, which convey the good blessings. The teachers and students taste Zongzi, recite poems of the Dragon Boat Festival, recall history, feel the long history of Chinese traditional culture.

This activity is aimed at guiding teachers and students to cultivate family and national sentiments, memorialise patriotic sages, pass on the power of humanism, and show cultural self-confidence in a traditional way.