The series of activities of “Explaining Specialty Group,Specialty and Courses”

Posted on June 7,2024 by Dong Quanyue|Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management 

The series of activities of “Explaining Specialty GroupSpecialty and Courses” were held on June 6. 

President Jiang Yupeng, vice president Zhang Zongguo attended the event. Professor Fu Zhiduan of Binzhou Vocational College, and professor Qi Chunxia of Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College were invited to guide the activity of “Explaining Specialty Group”.

8 school-level specialty groups were analyzed from the group logic, development orientation and goals, construction content, construction results etc.

Experts believe that the logic of each specialty group is clear, the development positioning and goals are clear, and the expected construction results are remarkable. They also put forward some suggestions to enhance the connotation of the specialty group.

Selected by each school, a total of 8 professional leaders, 10 course leaders, and 18 backbone teachers participated in the school-level contest.

The specialty leaders explained the specialty construction from the aspects of specialty orientation, talent cultivation goal and mode, curriculum system, teaching team, teaching resources and curriculum construction, training and internship base construction, characteristics and innovation, etc.

The course leaders explained the course construction from the aspects of teachers' team, course design, course construction, course implementation, application effect, and course innovation.

Focusing on the three aspects of ‘the reason for explanation, how to implement, results and innovations’, the judges analysed the typical practices of the participating teachers and provided targeted answers and guidance.

The college will continue to take basic teaching as the starting point to promote the construction and development of specialty groups, specialty and courses.