The college hosts four national training programs for teachers from Yunnan province

Posted on May 24, 2024 by Dong Quanyue|Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management

From 8th to 21st May, the college hosted four national training programs of Teacher Quality Improvement Plan for Logistics Management, Intelligent Taxation, Online Shop Operation and Promotion 1 plus X Certificate System Seed Teacher Training and Information Technology Application of Big Data and Accounting or Big Data and Financial Management. 140 teachers successfully completed their tasks and finished their studies after a two-week training.

The School of Continuing Education took the lead in declaring and organising the implementation of this training program, and jointly developed the training program and set up the teacher team with the School of Business Administration and the School of Accounting to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the training.

Focusing on the implementation of the 1 Plus X certificate system and the goal of improving IT application ability, the program team hired experts from other university and excellent teachers from the college to give lectures, and the training was conducted in the form of task-driven field trips, project assignments, seminars and exchanges. to carry out the training.

Through the training, the trainees improved their' comprehensive education and innovative level of teaching ability in the context of the post-course-certificate-competition and broadened their professional horizons.

This is the third consecutive year for the college to host the national training program of Yunnan province, and it is also a powerful initiative for the colleges to seek high-quality development together.