Top 10 Events of QVTCHM in 2023

By Dong Quanyue|Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management

The year 2023 is the opening year of comprehensively implementing the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, and it is the first year for us to start the new journey of the second venture.

Over the past year, we have made great achievements in various undertakings such as talent cultivation and specialty construction, with innovations and breakthroughs.

Let's review the major events of 2023 as we bid farewell to the year and embrace the new year of 2024!

I. Carried out high-quality education on the theme of learning and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era

II. Held the Second Party Congress of the college successfully

III. High-quality completion of all the construction tasks of the Double High-level Program, with a total of 635 national-level landmark achievements

IV. A new breakthrough was made in national teaching achievement awards

3 achievements won the second prize of the 2022 National Teaching Achievement Award for Vocational Education.

V. Vocational skills competition achieved new success

  • 3 first prizes in the events of hotel service, wine service and tour guide service at  the National Vocational College Skills Competition, and 1 second prize in the cooking competition;

  •  6 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 7 third prizes of the Shandong Province Vocational College Skills Competition, with the number of first prize winners increased by 100% compared with that of last year;

  • 3 National Vocational Skills Competition Winning Prizes;

  • 3 gold prizes and 2 silver prizes of the Shandong Province Vocational Skills Competition,and 1 Bronze Award;

  • 18 first prizes, 8 second prizes, 7 third prizes at the Skills Prosper Shandong Vocational Skills Competition.

VI. The remarkable achievements in the construction of teachers

  • Launched the Master Teacher Project, introduced and appointed 50 national talents and provincial talents.

  • Approved 2 Shandong Province vocational education Skill Master studio.

  • Completed the acceptance of 4 provincial vocational education master teacher studio, technology skills inheritance and innovation platforms.

  • Promoted national team construction of hotel management and digital operation with high-quality.

  • Smart Construction Specialty Group was selected as a provincial high-level group.

  • Won 1 third prize in the National Teaching Competition, 3 first prize in the provincial competition

  • 5 national online boutique courses.  

  • 6 textbooks of national planning.

  • Won the Huang Dainian-style teacher team of Shandong province.

VII. Got enhancement in enrollment and employment work quality 

  • 5,598 new students of all types were admitted in 2023 with admissions line rising 72 points.

  • 4,948 people among 5,186 graduates of the class 2023 have got job offers.

  • Awarded the first National College Graduates Grassroots Employment Excellence Award.

VIII. The Qingdao Oceantech Valley Campus project is steadily progressing

IX. Enhancing the level of basic teaching work has become a consensus


X. The college's social reputation continues to improve