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Chinese Bridge Online Group Program

Introduction to Chinese 2023 Online Group Program 

Chinese Language Plus Smart Hotel

Experience smart hotel, feel the beauty of Chinese language. 

QVTCHM Chinese Bridge Online Group Program officially is launched in 2023. 

Welcome overseas young people to learn practical Chinese online, experience the wonderfulness of smart hotel, perceive the innovative features of China.

Credit Bonus

Students admitted to this online program can, upon their full attendance to all courses as specified and completion of all assignments and interaction activities as required, receive a total of 2 credits either on Chinese language or Chinese culture courses in line with International Student Program of QVTCHM. Students receiving this credit hour bonus can ask for supporting documents from QVTCHM, or equate this credit hour bonus when they choose to study in QVTCHM within 3 years since the end of this online program. QVTCHM reserves all the rights to the final interpretation of the above mentioned credit hour bonus. Outstanding participants will be awarded certificates for their academic performance.

How many offers

About 60 students.

Who can apply

Non-native Chinese speakers, who are interested in Chinese language and culture, regardless of country or age. Priority is given to young people with a certain Chinese proficiency.



Program date

October 29, 2023-Novmber 4 , 2023

How to study

Class live broadcast + online activities + video courses (using the Chinese Bridge official website and the Chinese Bridge club App)

Check the scheduleThe Schedule for Chinese+Smart Hotel Program.xlsx

When to apply

Before October 28, 2023

How to apply

Register and create your personal account at the official website of Chinese Bridge. 


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Contact: Zhou Li

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Website: https://www.qchm.edu.cn/