Frequently Asked Questions for International Students

1.What are the contact details for QVTCHM’s International Office?

International Exchange and Cooperation Office

Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management Technology

599 Jiushui East Road, Licang District



Tel: +86 -532-86051668

Fax: +86 -532-86051668



2.What is the role of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office?

The International Exchange and Cooperation Office co-ordinates the admission, administration and support for international students throughout the course of their studies at QVTCHM.

3. What is the application procedure to QVTCHM for international applicants and what documentation should accompany the application?

Click here and refer to NO.6 Application Materials

4.What are the required Chinese language levels for admission to QVTCHM for International students?

HSK Certificate Level C or above.

5.When is the closing date for international applicants to QVTCHM?

The closing date for different programs is different. Please click here to see the details.

6.Does QVTCHM International Office provide scholarships?

Until now, we do not provide scholarships.

7. What are the tuition fees for International students at QVTCHM and what do they cover?

Please refer to the fees section of the international website www.

Tuition fees cover the tuition fee for the academic year, registration fee (including exam fees)

8. How do International students pay their annual tuition fees?

All international students on the first year of their program must pay their tuition fee in full to the WIT registration account by bank transfer or bank draft. This must be done in advance of commencing their studies. Please refer to the payment details www.

9. Will my tuition fee increase while I am studying at QVTCHM?

No, your tuition fee will not increase while registered as a fulltime student at QVTCHM.

10. Is the International student fee refundable?

The full international tuition fee or deposit payment will be refunded to a student if the student is refused their student visa or if the program they applied for does not run. Documentary evidence of the visa refusal must be provided to the International Office.

Tuition fees may also be refunded in exceptional circumstances less than administrative charge of 10%.

11. How much money would an International student need for living expenses?

As a guideline, we estimate that a student’s cost of living in Qingdao is betweenRMB15,000 and RMB20,000 per annum.

12. Can International students work in China whilst studying?

International students can not work during the period of study in China.

13. Can International students work in Ireland once they have completed their studies?

Yes, international students can work in Ireland once they have completed their studies.

14. How can an International student arrange accommodation in Waterford prior to arrival?

Students must book accommodation themselves. They are usually requested to sign a contract and pay a deposit up front. This deposit will be returned to them if all is in order with the accommodation on departure. There are various agencies which offer different types of accommodation to cover all needs:On - Campus accommodation can be secured online at   http://www.

15. What clothes are most suitable to wear in China?

Qingdao has a cold climate from November – February with temperatures varying from -7ºC to 5ºC. It is advised to bring water proof clothing and warm clothes (down jacket, coat etc.) From March onwards, the weather gets warmer with temperatures rising. Please see for further information on Qingdao weather.

16. How can an International student travel from Beijing/ Shanghai airport to Qingdao?

In all probability you will be flying into Beijing or Shanghai airport. From Beijing or shanghai, there are a number of possibilities for getting to Qingdao. Please see below for the different ways of getting to Qingdao.


Trains also operate from Beijing or Shanghai to Qingdao. For timetables please see

There’re two train stations at Qingdao: Qingdao station and Qingdao North Station. The latter is nearer to our college. You can take bus No.113 or take a taxi(about RMB30)


You can fly to Qingdao airport from any China airport.

17. How can an International student open a bank account in China?

Upon arrival in China the International Office will provide yo u with a letter of introduction to open a bank account. Simply bring this letter with your passport to the bank to open your account.

Please note; It is important to notify the branch in advance of your departure to close your account.

18. What services are provided to International Students at QVTCHM?

The Health Centre is located on the Campus and is staffed by nurses and doctors whose function is to provide a service of general health treatment and care.