Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management (QVTCHM), which was established with the approval of Shandong People’s Government in 2002, is not only a government-owned, full-time, vocational higher education institution but also the first independent government-owned hotel management college in China. The college dates back to the year 1945 when private Qingdao Commercial Vocational School was founded and has more than 60 years’ history of vocational education.

QVTCHM is located in Qingdao which is famous for its red-roofed buildings, green trees, clear water and blue sky in China and also well-known for Tsingtao Beer all over the world.

The college currently consists of 10 departments, including

the Dept.of Hospitality Management, the Dept.of Culture and Tourism ,the Dept.of Hotel Engineering , the Dept.of Culinary Art , the Dept.of Business Management ,  Accounting Dept. , the Dept.of Information Technology , Art Department, the Dept.of General Education, Marxism Dept.

According to the economic and social development needs, the college sets up more than 38 majors and forms the professional layout in the areas of inclusive business education, culinary art, hotel engineering, information technology, art and design and other related fields, with the tourism and hotel management specialty as the core.

There’re 650 staff with 220 vice-professors and professors. 90% of the lecturers have both teacher’s and professional qualifications. And some teachers become experts of different associations. The following is the list of master teachers or experts in some fields.

  • 3 experts of Vocational Education Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry Education

  • 9 Education Teaching Advisory Board of Shandong province

  • 3 national youth teaching experts

  • 4 provincial youth teaching experts

  • 2 teaching masters of Shandong province

  • 4 provincial teaching teams

  • 2 studios of provincial vocational teaching masters

  • 2 provincial platforms of lineage and innovation on skills and arts

  • 6 teaching masters of Qingdao city

We’ve been improving our curriculums and training centers and got lots of featured courses and programs as follows:

  • 1 national online public course

  • 37 provincial excellent courses

  • 7 provincial excellent shared courses

  • 2 provincial banks of teaching resources

  • 4 municipal Modern Apprentice featured courses

  • 1 national prize and 13 provincial prizes of teaching achievement,

  • 25 provincial teaching reform projects

  • 18 provincial or above excellent or standard teaching material

  • 1 central government financially-supported training center

  • 1 provincial key training room

  • 9 categories vocational skills training and identification base

  • 9 skill identification centers which could take 31 skill assessments, nearly covered all specialties

  • 2 productive training centers

QVTCHM has multimedia classroom, computer room, language lab, campus network, campus radio and television and other modern teaching facilities and advanced equipment. The college has a modernized library, which has millions of collection literature.

Currently the college attracts around 14000 students, including exchange students and international students from Korea and Taiwan province.  HVTCHM offers scholarships and culture programs in various areas.The college has established an extensive cooperative relationship with the educational institutions and enterprises in Switzerland, USA, France, Germany, Singapore, Korea and Hongkong, Macau, Taiwan province. The high level international communication pattern, which exports local high-quality educational resources and introduces foreign high-quality educational resources, has been built. 

We’re increasing our abilities of scientific research and social services. Here’re some influential programs as follows:

  • 2 training programs for excellent teachers of national vocational higher education schools

  • 4 provincial training programs for excellent teachers

  • 1 Maker space named Hismile Chuang Kedao of national science department under construction

  • 96 scientific research programs of different levels

  • 5 SOP for the system of tour guides’ management in Shandong province and Shandong Cuisine etc.

  • 3 standard files for smart tourism enterprises in Qingdao

Our quality education system focuses on humanity, Chinese morality and professional quality. We’re developing international and professional talents with good sense of service, innovation and cross cultural communication. Our students are proud to become smart gentlemen and elegant ladies. In recent years, the rate of employment and satisfaction of enterprises reaches 95% and 98% respectively.

After years of development, Smile becomes our featured culture in our campus. Our motto is diligence, sincerity, smartness and elegance. We’re carrying out the spirit of love, strength and responsibilities.