The college has made new breakthroughs in the National Teaching Ability Competition

By Dong Quanyue | Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management  

Our works Customized Travel Product Scheduling Operation and China-Chic Cultural Theme Restaurant Design won the second prize and third prize of professional (skill) courses in the National Vocational College Skills Competition respectively.

The Teaching Ability Competition is the highest level teacher teaching competition in China. It aims to guide schools all over the country to implement the national teaching standards of vocational education, implement curriculum ideology and politics, and deepen the reform of teachers, textbooks and teaching methods. 

The college attaches great importance to this competition. After long-term exploration, it has built a three-level competition preparation mechanism at school, provincial and national levels.

The teaching ability competition, as the only teacher competition project, was included in the school's Double High-level Program Construction Major Achievement Reward Method, and the policy preference was given in the professional title evaluation.

At the beginning of 2022, the college started the school competition. Five teams were selected from the 31 participating teams to participate in the Shandong Vocational College Teaching Ability Competition. Experts were invited to guide the preparation team for the competition for many times, constantly improving the quality of works, and won three first prizes and one third prize in the provincial competition. After the online evaluation and online finals, the college team achieved the best results in the national competition.

Next, the college will continue to take the teaching ability competition as the starting point, improve teachers' teaching ability, implement the classroom revolution, promote the reform of teaching evaluation, and help the college to make high-quality development.