The college successfully completes the provincial performance evaluation of the

By Dong Quanyue | Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management 

The expert group of Double High-level Program of the Department of Education and the Department of Finance of Shandong Province carried out the mid-term evaluation of construction performance from June 23 to 24 at QVTCHM.

Li Da, Secretary of the Party committee of the college, presided over the report meeting and welcomed the arrival of the expert group, and thanked for its guidance on the construction of Double High-level Program.

President Jiang Yupeng systematically reported the construction of Double High-level Program of the college in terms of the overall situation and performance achievement, completion of tasks and performance indicators, main contribution, characteristic experience and practices, problems and improvement measures. He elaborated on the characteristic experience and practices of the college with demonstration, guidance, promotion and application value in the construction of Double High-level Program. And he focused on the analysis of the college's achievements in leading the development of tourism vocational education and in supporting regional economic and social development.

After listening to reports, on-the-spot investigation, consulting materials and other links, the expert group fully affirmed the effectiveness of the college's Double High-level Program. 

Kuang Yizhen, the leader of the expert group, gave feedback on the evaluation opinions. He pointed out that since the establishment of the construction college of the Double High-level Program, the college has closely followed the needs of the digital transformation and upgrading of the hotel industry and local economic and social development, focused on the goal of building a domestic first-class and internationally renowned brand of comprehensive vocational education in the hotel industry, adhered to improving the construction mechanism, providing strong guarantee, highlighting advantages and characteristics, and promoting development through all factor reform. Remarkable achievements have been made in leading the reform and development of tourism vocational education, assisting the transformation and upgrading of the cultural and tourism industry at a high level, and promoting the construction of vocational education Highlands with high quality. A large number of national landmark achievements have been made, and the comprehensive school running strength and educational quality of the school have been greatly improved.

At the same time, based on the high-quality development of the college, it puts forward suggestions from the aspects of optimizing the construction mechanism and deepening the integration of production and education. The members of the expert group put forward working opinions and improvement suggestions from different levels.

The college will take Double High-level Program construction as an opportunity to improve quality and build a highland for innovative development of vocational education, further improve the integration of production and education, fully complete the construction task and accelerate the construction of a high-level vocational college.