Smile Campus Culture

By Dong Quanyue | Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management 

The smile campus culture brand declared by our school was selected according to the recent announcement of the Cultural Quality Education Steering Committee of Vocational Colleges of the Ministry of Education , and our college was rated as the Unique campus culture School in national vocational colleges in 2021.

Unique campus culture is an important project that highlights the brand of campus culture construction and embodies the characteristics of school culture. It represents the excellent achievements in the practice of campus culture construction. A total of 239 achievements of 239 vocational colleges were applied for selection this time. After expert evaluation, 36 colleges among 239 application colleges were finally determined as Unique campus culture schools of campus culture of national vocational colleges.

Our college defines and embodies the professional talent education goal of Lady and gentleman demeanor, plans the construction path of school spiritual culture, system culture, environmental culture and behavior culture, and constructs the campus core cultural concept with morality and ability, fashion and true feelings as the core and smile culture as the form.

Smile culture, as the characteristic culture that the school focuses on building, strives to create a smile culture atmosphere that is consistent with the industry culture. It integrates the cultivation of professional enthusiasm, spirit, habits and temperament into the whole process of education, and becomes the fundamental task for the school to implement morality and cultivate people.

The school is the excellent case of culture construction in Shandong higher vocational colleges and the traditional Chinese culture inheritance base in Shandong Province.