Deputy Director Liu Dongyan and her party visit QVTCHM

By  Dong Quanyue| Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel  Management

Deputy Director Liu Dongyan and Guo Zhaoqi from the Department of Science and Education of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism visited the college for investigation and guidance on the afternoon of July 9 visited the college for investigation and guidance on the afternoon of July 9. They affirmed the school running idea, conditions and education mode of the college.

Li Da, Secretary of the Party Committee of the college, and Jiang Yupeng, President of the college, expressed welcome and thanks to Ms.Liu Dongyan and his party on behalf of the college. They reported on the work of the college from the aspects of school running history, professional construction, and teacher construction. They focused on promoting the construction of Double high -level Program and striving to build a domestic first-class and internationally famous brand of all-round professional education in the hotel industry.

Ms. Liu Dongyan asked the college to make great efforts to promote tourism vocational education to a higher level. She hopes that the college will be based on the new development stage, build a new development pattern, take the construction of Double high -level Program as an opportunity, take high-quality development as the theme, adhere to the characteristic school running, implement connotative development, continuously enhance the adaptability of vocational education, and strive to cultivate cultural and tourism talents in the new era

During her visit, Ms. Liu Dongyan and her party visited the training center of School of Hotel Management, Qingdao Tourism Big Data Center, the training base of School of Culinary Arts and other teaching and training places.