The founding meeting of the "TTT" Reform Alliance

By  Dong Quanyue/ Qingdao Vocational and  Technical College  of Hotel Management

The TTT(Teachers, Teaching materials and teaching methods) Reform Alliance establishment meeting of Shandong vocational colleges was held online on October 15. 

The TTT Reform Alliance of vocational colleges in Shandong Province is guided by the Department of Education of Shandong Province, and jointly supported by China Vocational and Technical Education Association, the Institute of Vocational and Technical Education Center of the Ministry of Education and Qingdao Education Bureau. It is jointly initiated by five colleges including our college, Zibo Vocational College, Rizhao Vocational and Technical College, Shandong Vocational College and Weifang Commercial School.

President Jiang Yupeng presided over the founding meeting, at which the articles of association and governing body of the alliance were approved online. The college is the first president unit, with Li Da, Secretary of the Party committee, and Wang Xin, deputy secretary of the Party committee, as Secretary General of the alliance.

With the purpose of exploration, innovation and group development, the alliance focuses on new ideas, new measures and new models in the field of TTT reform, carries out empirical research on vocational education policies such as professional and curriculum standards, construction of double-qualified teachers, teaching materials and teaching methods, carries out cooperation and exchange among members of the alliance, and holds annual meetings, symposiums, inspection exchanges, theme training and theme theory Forum and other activities to promote the exchange and interaction of alliance members.

The establishment of the alliance is not only the requirement of building the highland of vocational education innovation and development, but also the exploration of establishing vocational education system and mode with Chinese characteristics in Shandong Province in the new era.

Professor Li Zhihong, President of the Quality Assurance and Evaluation Research Association of the Teaching Working Committee of the China Vocational and Technical Education Association, and Huang Yang, an associate researcher of the Research Institute of the Vocational and Technical Education Center of the Ministry of Education, delivered a special report. The two experts made an in-depth interpretation of the national teaching standards of vocational education and the reform policies of Vocational Education in the new era, which has a strong guiding significance and reference role in running vocational education in the new era, promoting vocational education quality improvement, value-added empowerment and realizing high-quality development of colleges.

The establishment of the TTT reform alliance of Vocational Colleges in Shandong province aims to give full play to the joint forces of vocational colleges and promote the reform of TTT in Shandong province as a whole, take the lead in establishing a consortium in the field of TTT reform in China, and build a sample room for the TTT reform of national vocational education.

With the participation of more than 3000 teachers from 143 vocational colleges of Shandong province, the alliance colleges organized the members of the team and full-time teachers to watch the online live broadcast of the meeting through centralized watching and setting up branch venues.

About the TTT Reform

According to reports, promoting the reform of teachers, teaching materials and teaching methods, namely the TTT reform, is an important starting point to improve the quality of vocational education and personnel training, and is a key move to lead vocational education to serve the national strategy, integrate into regional development and promote industrial upgrading.