Ms. Yang Juanjuan conducts a training course of BIM curriculum reform for teachers across the country

By Dong Quanyue, Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management       

Ms. Yang Juanjuan, a teacher of the Hotel Engineering Dept., was invited to share the course of Reconstruction of Installation Curriculum System and BIM Enrollment on May 16, which was highly praised. As one part of BIM curriculum reform teacher training and empowerment plan , the training is based on the online platform of Guanglianda Engineering Education, attended by relevant teachers from more than 1000 colleges and universities across the country.

As an important part of the Project Cost, the Installation Cost is generally in the exploration stage in domestic colleges due to the complicated professional background, the shortage of teachers and other factors. Ms. Yang Juanjuan shares her course from five aspects, such as the needs of installation talents, the reconstruction path of curriculum system and the guarantee conditions of teachers' practical training in the major of Engineering Cost, expounds the path and effect of the intelligent construction professional group of Hotel Engineering Dept., which integrates the industry and education informatization, integrates the advantages of the specialty group and helps to improve the teaching continuously, and discusses the logical structure and content connection of the process system with experts and teachers. They said that Ms. Yang's sharing is simple and profound, which has strong inspiration, applicability and operability, and provides a useful reference for the construction of Installation Cost curriculum.