Wang Jianming and Pengxia are selected as experts in the talent pool of science experts

Recently, the Shandong Association of Science and Technology(SAST) published the list of the first batch of experts in the talent pool of science experts in Shandong Province. After personal declaration, college recommendation and expert selection of SAST in the early stage, two teachers of the college, Wang Jianming and Pengxia, were selected successfully. Wang Jianming was selected as the first batch of agricultural technology experts in Shandong Province, and Pengxia was selected as the first batch of engineering technology experts in Shandong Province.

Wang Jianming is a registered master of cooking in China, chief technician of the National Accommodation Association, winner of the Outstanding Person Award for 30 years in Chinese catering industry, leader of the teaching team at the provincial level in Shandong Province, host of the innovative platform for inheriting cooking technology and nutritional skills in Shandong Province, and excellent instructor of the National Vocational College Skills Competition. He has won the second prize of teaching achievement at the provincial level in Shandong Province and preside Construction of Cooking Technology and Nutrition as a sub-project of the National Resource Bank.

Peng Xia is a top teacher in teaching and the first batch of academic leaders. She has won the best Thesis Award of Qingdao Social Sciences Federation and the second prize of Qingdao Data Open Application Creative Competition.

Both Wang Jianming and Peng Xia said that they would conscientiously abide by professional ethics, closely focus on the economic and social development of Shandong Province and the needs of people's production and life, give full play to their respective professional advantages, actively participate in various popular science activities, and play an active role in promoting scientific spirit, popularizing popular science knowledge and actively promoting the high-quality development of Shandong Province.

Popularization of science is an important way to improve citizens' scientific quality and promote economic development and social progress. This college has two teachers selected into the first batch of experts pool of science talents in Shandong Province, which fully affirming the college's science work. our college's Association of Science and Technology will continue to organize teachers and students to actively participate in various activities organized by Shandong and Qingdao Science and Technology Association at all levels, guide college students to carry out colorful scientific and technological activities, and continuously improve the academic level and social influence of the college.