Hismile Chefs on SCO Summit



The 2018 Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit was held in Qingdao between June 9th and 10th . Teachers (Wang Guiyun, Yao Jinxia and Wang Shanshan)and alumina(Gao Bingyi and Liu Jinbo) of QVTCHM designed and cooked the welcome banquet for the presidents of SCO.

The main courses of banquet are four dishes and one soup which belongs to Shandong Cuisine,No.1 of Chinese Eight Cuisines. To ensure the top quality of dishes, the food team worked on new dishes for about two months.

Gao Bingyi, alumina of the year 1964 and top master of Chinese culinary arts, thinks the design is reasonable, economical, elegant and magnificent.

Liu Jinbo, chief master of Qingdao, believes the reform and innovation to traditional Confucius Food emphasizes multicultural respect and Shanghai Sprits.

Wang Guiyun, the Professor of QVTCHM, worked as the chief chef of this national banquet. For the design of pastry, she took the nutrition, shapes, colors, tastes and Shandong features into consideration. For dim sum, She made it into different shapes like Yantai apples, Laiyang pears, Jinan lotus, Qingdao plum and Camellia with flour and natural vegetable juice. Triple-color Jiaozi is made using local ingredients and turnip-shaped dim sum looks very vivid while the special vinegar is the best sauce for Jiaozi.

The design of the dishes for this national banquet has been reported widely by both traditional and new medias, and it is also the demonstration of our teaching achievement and teachers’ outstanding skills.