Information Technology

Information Technology Department has six majors now,with 2 college exemplary specialties, 2 college educational reform experimentalspecialties. It also owns a provincial training base, 20 modern labs, oneR&D center of hotel IOT. With all the teachers having master's degree andindustry experience, one professor, 10 associate professors, the staff is aDouble-Professional-Titled teaching team with modern education concept,frontiers of science and technology, and modern educational technology. Theteachers have undertaken 5 items of national, provincial and municipalscientific research, 6 items of horizontal projects; edited 10 highervocational teaching materials and published 42 pieces of thesis in corejournals, among which there are 4 SCIS and 17 EIs.

   The department is positively exploring anew path in line with the industry, to realize a zero distance between teachingand employment. Cooperating with some international renowned companies such asMicrosoft, Intel, and Cisco, we make the students enhance their competitivenessby acquiring the  internationalvocational certifications such as CCNA, CCNP network security engineers. Withthe social influence and advantage resources of our college, we create aspecial training mode focusing on developing the IT talents for tourism andhotel industries, and have developed a cooperation with some internationalbrands of hotels such as Hilton, Starwood, Marriott, and Shangri-la.

   We positively develop internationallycooperative department-running, and have carried out all sorts of internationalcooperation with Korea, Japan and Taiwan.