Ideological and Political Education

Ideological& Political Education Department is an independent teaching sectionsubordinated to the college administration. There are over 40 faculty membersall holding master degree or above, with 3 of whom got doctor degree and mostof them are entitled as professors or associate professors.

Thisdepartment is responsible for the teaching tasks of the theoretical course ofIdeological and Political Education in the college, which plays a vital role inthe improvement of students’ qualities in both ideology and morality. Byimplementing the creative measures and practice in the ways of theoreticalteaching, practical teaching and teaching evaluation, the department hasbasically established a teaching system with features of higher vocationaleducation.

Byintegrating the unit administration and teaching staff construction, thedepartment not only focuses on the scientific management but also highlightsthe people-oriented development and strives for creating a harmonious anduplifting work team.  

The teaching staff of the department organically combines theknowledge with both interests and thoughts to create the positive teachingatmosphere, which puts the ideological and political education into real effect andfinally transfers what the students have learnt in class into their abilitiespresented in their daily lives.