Hotel Engineering

 Hotel Engineering Department runs relevantspecialties on hotel engineering, aiming to cultivate professional technicaland management talents who meet the requirements of modern hotel projectmanagement, engineering cost, construction project management, equipmentoperation and management, property management, etc. We have perfect teachingfacilities, leading schooling philosophy, and unique school-running model.Based on years of development, we have built a educating culture of “to firstlearn the personhood, to learn for practice”, developed a teaching staffcharacterized as “Four Dimensional Combination”, formed a talents training modebased on professional standards, established post oriented differentiationcharacteristic curriculum system, built in-and-out training base characterizedas “integration of learning and doing, training for professional skills”,founded a “industry-university-research cooperation”hotel engineering research center, and thus to realize an “all-win” socialservice function. We have a 3000 training center honored as Shandong Provincial Key DemonstrationTraining Base and Qingdao Re-employment Training Base.

   In recent years, we have carried outextensive cooperation with top enterprises as Lushang, Vanke, Greentown, andgovernment departments for some projects as “Luban Class”, “Blue-collar StudentProject”, “FLYEDT Class”.  We are testingcenter of National CAXC Certification Program by Ministry of Education,training center of National BIM Exam by China Graphics Society, and Civil engineering professional qualification certificate testing center by Administration ofconstruction projects of Shandong. We cooperate with Qingdao Inzone Hyatt Hoteland Home Inn Group to provide engineering technology and property managementservice. We aim to cultivate professional talents with top professional andmanagement abilities. Our graduates employment rate is high, as well as the jobsuited rate and pay satisfaction rate.