General Education

  GeneralEducation Department is composed of seven teaching and research sections,including Public English, Tourism English, Business English, Etiquette and the Educationof Doing Pioneering Work, Chinese, Mathematics and Physical Education, alltogether with sixty teachers consisiting of three professors, fifteen associateprofessors, and fifty teachers with master degrees. The department also handlesthe teaching task of General Education for all the college students and someoptional courses.

  Besidesregular teaching and task of scientific research, the department also assumesthe task of organizing the Proficiency Test of Standard Spoken Chinese, PRETCO,CET-4 and CET-6, Students Health Test, college’s sports games and variousactivities; and assisting and instructing the spare-time school of the Partyand the League, the society of Chinese and foreign literature, the society ofphysical training and the track and field team in the college.

   Based on thecollege’s central task, the department adheres to the educational model of “dualstructures and dual classes”; explores the effective ways of General Education;improves students’ social qualities; and makesefforts for cultivating high-quality skilled talents.