Art Department

  Art Department offers four programs that areTourism Handicraft Design and Making, Environmental Art Design, AdvertisementDesign and Making, and Art Design which consists of Hotel Decoration Design andModern Media Design.


  We have quality professional teaching staffthat are suitable for teaching and working in enterprises. We have sufficientteaching facilities, including more than 10 intermural training bases (atelier,studio stage, pottery workroom, image editing room, environmental art workroom)and more than 60 outside training bases.

   Our department-running model is tocooperate with enterprises, to combine academic education and vocationalskills, and to connect training top-level talents with high-paying jobs. Inaccordance with our college characteristics on hotel, we develop relevantspecialties and implement a module type teaching process based on production.The courses emphasize “multi-development with one foundation”. We aim to createendless art world in limited design space to cultivate art talents with strongcompetitive power.