Dong Quanyue Visits Ireland Waterford Institute of Technology
发布时间:2017-03-09  [  阅读:次   |   添加:drh ]

Recently, our faculty member, Dong Quanyue was invited to Ireland Waterford Institute of Technology. He attended an event where the achievements of the school’s international cooperation programs were exhibited. At the event, Dong Quanyue presented a documentary about our school. Additionally,he also introduced our school, beautiful Qingdao ocean scenery, Chinese chopstics, Chinese traditional culture etc. The local TV Station did a live video to this event and Dong Quanyue was also exclusively interviewed by the news anchor. His wonderful performance at the event greatly enhanced our school’s image.

    Waterford Institute of Technology was founded in 1970 by the Ireland government. We cooperated with them in 2015. We will cooperate with them in many aspects such as exchange students, exchange teachers. We are sure that this win-win situation will be achieved by sharing each other’s wonderful teaching resources.( Cui Ning, General Education Department)