Our Students Takes Part in the National Startup Competition
发布时间:2017-01-03  [  阅读:次   |   添加:drh ]

On December 10, the National Startup Competition was held in Nan Jing, where Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management QCHM) was invited to join. The President of QCHM, Li Da, was also invited to attend this contest. There were 95 colleges that took part in the contest.

In order to actively respond to the government’s call that everybody is encouraged to do startup and innovate, the principles of the competition was set up as “being close to the industry; being immersed in students’ majors; serving startups”. Furthermore, Li Da watched the whole competition.

Our school will host next year’s national competition. We attained many valuable experiences by attending this competition, (Cui Ning, General Education Department)