10 Important Events of QVTCHM in 2018

New era, new starting point, new journey. 2018 is a fruitful year for us.

Our college has fulfilled the fundamental requirements of high-quality development, accelerated the construction of a first-class and internationally renowned brand of general vocational education in the hotel industry, and created the cradle of professional talents in the hotel industry in China. 

10 important events of the College in 2018 are as follows.

1. We promote the construction of high-quality schools and accomplish the task of medium-term construction with high quality

2018 is the year for the construction of high-quality colleges with 15 new national and 50 provincial-level symbolic achievements and the completion rate of construction tasks is over 70%. We will promote the reform of credit system and teaching diagnostic reform, start the declaration of construction plans for high-level vocational colleges and professional groups with Chinese characteristics. We also take the construction of high-quality schools as an opportunity to achieve a large number of construction results in various quality projects.

2.We set up Shandong Modern Hospitality Vocational Education Group Explore the mixed ownership in running schools

We played a leading role in the  setup of Shandong Modern Hospitality Vocational Education Group(SMHVEG) and plan to build Provincial Key Vocational Education Group in Shandong by 2022 and actively strive for national key Vocational Education Group. Inzone Culture and Tourism School(ICTS) was launched at our college together with Inzone Tourism Group.A contract was signed with Qingdao Vanke Property to build Education and Teaching Base of Housekeeping College and systematically carry out pilot reform of mixed ownership system.

3. Serving the SCO Qingdao Summit has won wide acclaim from all walks of life

The 687 volunteers of our college served the SCO Qingdao Summit and the total length of volunteer service has reached more than 70,000 hours. Three teachers are responsible for the welcome dinner of the heads of state. One teacher is responsible for the reception banquet at Lushang Hyatt Hotel. A large number of hotel management students and alumni actively participated in the high-end hospitality service and Qingdao Municipal Government sent us a letter of thanks .

4. Extensive international work makes us the top 50 Institutions of Influence in the Asia-Pacific vocational colleges 

We were selected as one of the Top 50 Institutions of Influence in the 2018 Asia-Pacific vocational colleges. we won “Excellence Award Student Support Service Award” of the World Vocational and Technical College Alliance. the Sino-foreign cooperative education project for hotel management was approved. Overseas Chinese Culinary Institute was established at Canado College. We became a sister school with the South Australian Institute of Technology and Continuing Education. A memorandum of cooperation was signed with the Labor and Employment Agency of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Residents of the Republic of Tajikistan.

5. The professional skills competition has achieved remarkable results. 

  • The first and second prize of the National Tournament (guide tour) project

  • The second prize of the national finals of the National Vocational School Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

  • We hosted the provincial modern hotel service event.

  • Two first prizes at the provincial tour guide service

  • One first prize for the modern hotel service competition

  • One first prize for teacher group and a second prize for the student group at the provincial e-commerce skill competition

  • One silver medal for the Abu Dhabi Young Chef Challenge


6. Enrollment and employment work is booming and research and social service capabilities continue to increase

There’re 4,953 graduates of Grade 2018 and the first degree class of hotel management major successfully graduated. The number of registered new students is 5,046 and the overall registration rate reached 94.9%. We obtained 29 provincial and municipal research projects and completed 13 national training and other training programs. We took the initiative to serve the new and old kinetic energy conversion projects and we established Shandong and Qingdao Research and Tourism Research Institute. Qingdao Tourism Think Tank and Qingdao New and Old kinetic energy conversion boutique tourism think tank have settled in our college.

7. The training building of Culinary Arts starts construction and the training conditions are further improved.

The design scale of training building is about 9600 square meters, with a total of 6 floors. It is expected to be put into use by the end of 2019. The training bases such as tourism management and air crew are put into use one after another.The number of the production training base in the school and off-campus reaches 72 and 315 respectively. Each training room established a system of safety, and implemented a pilot program for safe access systems.

8.Student service work continues to improve and campus civilization leads a new trend

The first delegation meeting of the students and Communist Youth League was held and selected the first committee of students and the Communist Youth League. The colorful professional season and the campus culture and art festival were carried out; the psychological counseling center was ranked as demonstration center of Shandong  university student mental health education. The entrance education curriculum system was completed; The counselor's teacher's studio was established, which carried out the student work brand cultivation and construction. We won the first prize of the Shandong University Counselor Quality Competence Competition. The construction of the safe campus was fruitful.

9. Teachers and students’ study and living conditions continue to improve and staff activities are colorful

The overall renovation completed the No.6,9.10 and No.10 student apartments; 97 air conditioners were installed for the teacher's office; We completed the construction of digital campus experimental college and the system is running efficiently, which improved the informationization of teachers and students greatly .The cultural and sports activities of the faculty have flourished and the original sitcom Ingenuity has won the first prize for the staff cultural performance of the 40th anniversary of Lushang Group's reform and opening up.

10. Implementing the project of the Party building and leading and managing the Party comprehensively

We continue to study in depth Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, carry out  Learning, Research and Improvement and emancipation of the ideological discussion.

We strictly implemented the ideological work responsibility system, complete the group inspection and rectification work and intensively carry out warning education activities for party style. We continued to maintain provincial civilized units and Qingdao civilized campus, and won the advanced grassroots party organization in Qingdao.