Culinary Art

Culinary Art Department was founded in 1958and became one of the departments which first developed culinary vocationaleducation in China. It is also the director unit of China Cuisine Associationand has a reputation of The Whampoa Military Academy of Lu Cuisine (The WhampoaMilitary Academy is a distinguished military school in China).

There are many specialties, such asculinary technology, pastries technology, western cuisine technology, nutritionand inspection of food, nutrition and pantry, and so on. One of them is theprovincial characteristic specialty and one of them is the provincialdemonstration specialty. Culinary technology specialty and western cuisinetechnology specialty are supported by central finance and construction funds ofShandong first skill-oriented characteristic and famous colleges. We adopt thestair-like training model of 1+1+1 theory and practice, the modernmaster-apprentice teaching mode and modularity teaching of practical trainingand set up the National Occupational Skill Testing Authority, the research anddevelopment center of Lu Cuisine, the training base for labor re-employment inQingdao and the training base for technicians and advanced technicians. We have10 Cuisine Masters of the national level, 21 Cuisine Masters of the provincialand municipal levels and five nation-rated cuisine contest judges. We alsoemploy more than ten famous experts, such as the vice chairman of NationalCuisine Association Mr. Gao Bingyi and the vice manager of Luying Hotel ofJinan Air Force and director of National Cuisine Association Mr. Li Peiyu asguest professors in our college. We actively develop social training projects,perform the function of social service and carry out professional training forlocal government, enterprises and army. We also establish the communication ofinternational catering culture and get outstanding achievements ininternational food and drink communication and cooperation in running culinaryteaching with colleges from Japan, Korea, Germany, France, and so on.